Government Colloquium

Spring 2017

The calendar below lists 4 different categories of speakers:


  1. The Government department organizes a weekly colloquium, featuring presentations by a mix of our own faculty and external speakers. Unless otherwise specified, these colloquiua take place in the Tyler Hall conference room (322 Tyler) at noon on Fridays.

    Papers associated with the talk, if available, are stored in a Box folder to which department and associated faculty have access. Anyone else who wishes to attend a talk and read the paper beforehand should contact the organizer to request a copy.
    For more information about speakers or schedules, contact Maurits van der Veen.

  2. The College also has an International Development seminar series. These also take place on Fridays in 322 Tyler, but at 3pm (again, unless otherwise noted). They appear with the dates in green below. For more information on this series, contact Ariel BenYishay.

  3. This semester there will be a number of speakers on campus for a 1-credit course on Race, Ethnicity, and U.S. Politics. These appear with the dates in red below. They generally give a presentation Thursdays at 5pm in 20 McGlothlin-Street on the dates indicated, and may be available for meetings with interested faculty that same day or the next. For more information, contact Larry Evans.

  4. Finally, the schedule below lists a few additional talks of interest to Government faculty. These appear with the dates in blue below