This website's design is a work in progress

I learned basic html a long time ago, and for the longest time that sufficed. Last summer I decided it would be worth learning how to use cascading style sheets (css). For this website I wanted to be able to add a blog.

It turns out to be surprisingly difficult to have a blog fully integrated with your website. For example, Wordpress is great, but comes with a lot of extra machinery, and requires a heroic effort to make it look exactly the same as the non-blog pages of the website.

After searching around for a bit, I decided that I wanted a static site generator. A growing number of these are available. For a variety of reasons, I chose Nikola. Although I struggled a bit with installation & getting everything set up, I have been very happy with Nikola overall.

For now, the site is using the Bootswatch Lumen theme, with some minimal modifications to make the STAIR logo fit the navigation bar and to make the front page image work. I mostly like the general design, but I plan to make numerous tweaks over the coming months. Stay tuned!




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